We Produce Fashion

Instead of producing all kind of fabrics, we focused on producing fine gauge fabrics. Our machinery system starts from 28 Gauge up to 50 Gauge. We only produce fine jersey and double jersey (Interlock, Double Face, Plated Interlock, Spacer etc) fabrics. In our portfolio, our customer able to find Supima Cotton, Compact Cotton, Modal, Micro-Modal, Polyester and Polyamide combinations.

We only work with yarns which are thinner than 40/1 Ne since our machinery system is only suitable for thinner yarns.

To minimize all the potential problem, we promise to be in contact with our client all the time and by applying double quality control check we assure our clients to reach the highest quality.  We’ve also adopted 4 point quality control system in order to eliminate quality issue and to give feedback to our customer.